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Equine-assisted psychotherapy

My equine therapy work involves gentle, mutually-respectful interactions with horses from the ground - there is no riding involved, and you do not need any previous horse experience.


Through exploring being in relationship with the horse, we build awareness of our patterns of thought, emotion and action, acknowledge and heal layers of wounding and conditioning, and practice new, more self-loving, conscious, and empowered ways of relating to ourselves and others. This work respects the horse as a sentient being and an equal partner who can teach us about:

  • the value of being connected to our bodies and emotions,

  • being authentic,

  • setting healthy boundaries, and

  • prioritising relationship with self and others.

Equine-assisted psychotherapy can support a wide range of growth and healing processes, either on its own or in combination with counselling, psychotherapy and other healing modalities. I welcome enquiries from anyone who is interested in how working with horses might benefit them. I also welcome enquiries from practitioners wanting to explore collaborative approaches to supporting their clients.


Equine-led coaching and learning can support a wide range of growth and healing processes, either on its own or alongside other forms of therapy. I welcome enquiries from anyone who is interested in how working with horses might benefit them - or someone they know.

I also have some areas of particular focus in my practice, which are outlined below. 


I offer individual equine therapy sessions in Loburn from Monday to Friday.


Many clients benefit from a flexible mix of equine-led and office-based sessions.

1 hour session: $140 (incl GST)

1.5 hour session: $200 (incl GST)

WINZ Disability Allowance is available for clients on a benefit or low income.


I've been supporting women to step into their own authentic power - and learning how to step into my own - for thirty years.


So if you 

  • struggle to be assertive or to set good boundaries

  • want relationships in which you are really seen

  • long to heal a pattern of self-hate or self-criticism

  • would love to feel truly at home in your body and your life, or

  • want to connect more deeply with your divine feminine energy

and you'd like to be part of one of our regular group programmes, please get in touch.


I run public equine-led workshops, both here in Loburn and elsewhere in NZ and overseas, throughout the year. These workshops share what I've learned from the horses - for example, about communication and relationship skills, grief, authentic empowerment, and the benefits of developing embodied awareness. You can see the schedule under the Upcoming Events tab - or, if you are interested in hearing about future workshops, you can sign up for my newsletter using the link below. If you'd like to discuss hosting a workshop, please contact me.


The equine-facilitated growth and healing model that underpins my work is a unique blend of relational neuroscience, somatic(body)-based practice, and non-violent communication - underpinned by an absolute commitment to honouring the horses as sentient beings and equal partners. This model is personally transformative and will enrich your work supporting others - as a counsellor, therapist, nurse, social worker, educator or coach. Please contact me if you'd like to know more.

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