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What is

Relationship coaching

Relationships are fundamental to our wellbeing. They're a source of deep joy and fulfilment, but most of us have also been wounded through our relationships, and - despite our best intentions - have caused pain to those we care about.

Our way of being in relationship is shaped from our earliest moments, by how our caregivers interact with us. It's wired into our brains and bodies, so in order to change the unproductive patterns that prevent you from having the kinds of relationship you want, it's not enough to learn some communication tools; you have to supported to heal and grow at this brain-and-body level.


My relationship coaching approach supports both partners to heal their relationship wounds and gives you simple, powerful tools to build intimacy, resolve conflict, and grow - individually and together. The work is flexible, combining body-based, relationally-focussed coaching and learning processes, with the principles and practices of Non-Violent Communication.


Depending on your wishes and interests, your coaching programme can involve equine therapy sessions.

I offer in-person couples sessions on Mondays, and Wednesday to Saturday, including some evenings.


Some clients choose to combine office-based coaching sessions with equine therapy sessions.

1.5 hour session: $160 (incl GST)


Note that fees may be negotiable if finances are an issue for you - please contact me to discuss.

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